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Make a meaningful gift this year!

Every day, 71 New Zealander’s will receive the devastating news: “you’ve got cancer.” We need you to help us create a future for our children and grandchildren when that sentence is never uttered out loud again. Please donate today!

Leanne received the diagnosis of cancer two years ago after investigating an injury. She was told she had a rare form of Stage 3 Sarcoma and had to have surgery to remove the tumour in her leg. As a loving mum and wife who has spent her life dedicated in the service of others, she is determined to fight cancer so she can spend as much time as possible with her young son and her husband.

"There's just so much uncertainty that we can't plan more than a few months ahead. It really does make you look at your priorities such as family. I'm not giving up anytime soon. My husband and my son get all my love." - Leanne

Improvements in cancer treatment are currently the best hope for Leanne, and thousands of other New Zealand cancer patients.

"Research is so important to find new and better cancer medications to improve people's outcomes. There is also a trial drug for this rare type of cancer that has shown some promising results, and when things get bad enough, I can start that." - Leanne

Sadly, cancer remains the leading cause of death in New Zealand, but today our passionate, specialised team of scientists are researching methods to improve cancer treatments, reduce side effects. This incredible work is helping to save lives and give cancer patients preciously-needed more time with their families. It’s thanks to our wonderful supporters like yourself who are helping to make this research happen.

Please give a meaningful gift now – your donation will make such a big difference to New Zealanders facing cancer.

With your special gift, you will be supporting New Zealand cancer patients in a number of ways, including patient support services and life-saving cancer research at the Cancer Society Research Centre.

Together, let’s beat cancer sooner, and make sure no one has to face cancer alone.

Thank you for making a truly generous donation – your support is so very much appreciated.


Leanne and family