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“I was all alone in hospital when I found out. I tried to cry but no tears came out. I felt fear – but what could I do?”

Sarah is a loving, dedicated mother of five teenage children, who only six months ago was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. Her journey with cancer is a remarkable story of steely strength and courage.

“When I found out I had cancer I started to panic, and then I became terrified, angry, and overloaded with emotions opposite to hope and joy. I was all alone.”

During chemotherapy Sarah suffered from side effects that made her too unwell to continue. She had terrible numbness and pain and was nauseated, and felt fatigued. Sarah bravely completed her radiation therapy, and felt much better afterwards, much more like her old self.

"The doctors said I may only have a couple of years left, if that.”

Sarah’s main worry is what will happen to her children when she’s gone:

“We don’t have family here in New Zealand, I’m very worried about my children. I don’t want to leave them knowing no one is there to look after them.”

Sarah only had her family to lean on for support, so being able to take up Cancer Society nurse support was incredibly helpful. Sarah said one of the most painful things she had to do was tell her children she has cancer and did not have long left, but the Cancer Society gave her that extra strength she needed.

Cancer Society Nurse Debs reminds her to take it easy and rest and listen to her body. Regular catch-ups with her nurse means that Sarah always has personalised support and does not go through cancer alone. But for now, she enjoys keeping busy as it keeps her mind off things; being able to work and save money for the future of her family gives her pleasure, and a sense of control in a very uncertain time.

“No more tears, no more pain, I need to move on and look forward and be strong for my five children. I have so many things to do. I must keep going. I am a goner but am also a mother and I have a house to make a home.”

Your vital donation today will make sure mums like Sarah have all the care and support they need from expert nursing and specialist counselling, through to free accommodation close to treatment, and help getting to appointments. It will make an incredible difference.


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