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Reduce the number of shops selling tobacco

Reduce the number of shops selling tobacco

We all have the right to be Smokefree, so why can cigarettes be sold anywhere? Let's change this.

*This campaign focuses on the sale of tobacco, not individual use by adults. It is not about banning tobacco but is instead about stopping tobacco companies from saturating our communities with their addictive and deadly products. The widespread availability of tobacco can encourage young people to take up smoking and make it difficult for people to quit.

Our petition to reduce the number of shops selling tobacco was signed by nearly 8000 New Zealanders and in November 2021 was recommended to the House by the Parliament Petition Committee. Thank you for helping us to beat cancer by signing the petition! 

UPDATE: In Dec 2021, the Government announced they will be reducing the number of shops selling tobacco as part of the ground-breaking Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action PlanCongratulations to all those involved for their efforts to end smoking harm and create a Smokefree generation

You can still get involved by: 


  • Look out for updates on the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 website  
  • Have your say in 2022 and influence Smokefree laws through making a submission on the Smokefree Action plan on the Parliament Paremata Aotearoa website. Let them know the impact it will have on your whānau if tobacco is no longer sold everywhere. 
  • Share our Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 social media posts – Twitter @NZCancerSo and The NZ Cancer Society on Facebook or let us know how we can boost your Smokefree mahi.  

It would be impossible to launch cigarettes onto the market today, yet we continue to allow the tobacco industry to stock them wherever it chooses.

Lucy Elwood, CEO, Cancer Society