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E-cigarettes (vapes)

E-cigarettes (vapes)

The Cancer Society supports proportionate regulation for e-cigarettes (vapes) to help smokers to quit smoking whilst safeguarding non-smokers from taking them up.

In New Zealand, cigarette smoking remains a leading cause of preventable death and disease, with Māori and Pacific peoples disproportionately affected. New Zealand has a goal to become Smokefree by 2025, but modelling suggests we are not on track to achieve this goal.

Consequently, there is an urgent need not only to strengthen existing measures but to consider innovative approaches with the potential to reduce smoking prevalence and tobacco-related harm, such as vapes.

Summary of recommendations

The Cancer Society supports proportionate vaping regulations to help smokers quite smoking whilst safeguarding non-smokers from taking them up by:

  • regulating the sale, marketing, use and safety of e-cigarettes to minimise harm and use by non-smokers, particularly young people
  • improving access to quality-controlled nicotine-containing e-cigarettes/e-liquid for smokers
  • ensuring formalised e-cigarettes cessation pathways are in place, including the provision of practical support by smoking cessation services and in places where e-cigarettes and e-liquids are sold.

To learn more, download our full position statement: