The National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC) is a standing committee of the Cancer Society of New Zealand Board

The National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC)  provides expert advice to the Cancer Society of New Zealand Board about cancer research, including recommendations to the Board on the funding of research proposals in the National Research Grant funding rounds.

Members of the National Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr Melanie McConnell - nsac chair

Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington - Te Herenga Waka

Area of Expertise: Cancer genetics; gene expression; cancer cell biology; cell biology of stress responses; mitochondria in therapy resistance; brain tumour glioblastoma; melanoma; breast cancer.

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Dr george laking (te whakatōhea) - medical director csnz

Medical Oncologist, Director - University Research Centre for Cancer Research University of Auckland

Area of Expertise: Sarcoma; lung cancer; Electronic Cigarettes; Tobacco control; Māori health; Medicines policy; Health economics; AYA oncology

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dr kate gregory - medical director csnz

Medical Oncologist based in Nelson Marlborough

Area of Expertise: Breast & Gynaecological cancer. Cancer Survivorship. Palliative Care.

Professor GABI DAchs

Professor, University of Otago (Christchurch campus)

Area of Expertise: Tumour hypoxia; Vitamin C; Chemotherapy; Breast cancer; Colorectal cancer; Kidney cancer; Radiation therapy

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Dr Moana Tercel

Senior Research Fellow, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre, University of Auckland

Area of Expertise: Medicinal chemistry; organic synthesis; anticancer drug development; drug design; tumour hypoxia

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Dr Sharon Pattison

Senior Lecturer and Medical Oncologist, University of Otago

Area of Expertise: Gastrointestinal cancers; neuroendocrine tumours; prognostic and predictive variables

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Last updated: February 20, 2024