We are here to support people with cancer and their whānau across Taranaki. We are part of the Central Districts Division of the Cancer Society.

Central Districts Division - Services under Covid-19 Protection Framework - Traffic light information

The following information applies to all Central Districts centres. Services will be offered under the Government traffic light system at both Red and Orange. The Cancer Society is an essential health service provider, however, in some instances things may look slightly different to normal.

Under the Red and Orange Government traffic light system our centre doors are open. We ask all visitors (and staff) to wash and sanitise their hands regularly, remain socially distanced, and wear a mask when in our centres.

All centre staff on site are vaccinated according to the Government’s health sector mandate to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for clients, volunteers and the team. All contractors/service providers engaged by our centres will be asked to show their vaccination passport prior to commencing any work on a centre premise.

Under Red and Orange, the Cancer Society shuttles and volunteer driving service will continue, providing transport for clients to cancer-related medical appointments. The drivers and passengers should always wear masks and socially distance where possible.

Clients and individuals on a journey with cancer are welcome to seek support from our centres. Please don’t be offended if we ask if you are unwell/well, have been in contact with a positive Covid-19 case or been at a location of interest recently – this is part of health screening to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Massage and other therapy will continue, subject to the therapist providing an eligible vaccine passport. Please check with your local centre for details. We will review the running of group sessions in January 2022.

What we do

The Taranaki Cancer Society has been open for the past 80 years. Our modern, eco-friendly centre in New Plymouth is nestled not too far from Mount Taranaki.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in New Zealand. As we grow older, the likelihood of developing cancer increases.

Each year in Taranaki, there are over 600 people diagnosed with cancer. 

Every day at the Cancer Society we help all people with any cancer, their families, whānau and friends to deal with a cancer diagnosis. We advocate for cancer patients, providing a voice on all kinds of issues, including cancer prevention, screening, early detection and treatment. We support people during treatment and get them well again. 

We do this through the wide range of core services in supportive care, information and local support groups and connecting people online. We develop and run community health promotion and cancer prevention programmes to keep people well.

We provide a range of free support services for people with cancer and their family/caregivers. We help get people through their cancer diagnosis.

  • General cancer support visiting service and carer relief.
  • Women’s support service & support groups (North & South Taranaki).
  • General men’s cancer support group.
  • CanTALK lunches - (North & South Taranaki).
  • ‘Prostate Awareness is a Life Saver’ (PALS) group.
  • Transport  – including twice-weekly shuttle service to Palmerston North and volunteer drivers within Taranaki.
  • Living well with cancer education.
  • Host and support “Look Good Feel Better” workshops.
  •  Support volunteer training.
  • One-on-one support, patient advocacy and advice.
  • Emergency financial assistance via grants
  • Complementary therapy – reiki, oncology massage, and yoga.
  • A listening ear for patients, caregivers, whānau and family members.
  • Hat, books and wig library.
  • Creative classes.
  • Counselling.


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If you have to travel away from home for treatment, we can help you with a place to stay.

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Need transport to treatment?

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who can help you get to your hospital appointments.

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Last updated: December 13, 2021