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Support people affected by cancer in Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Whanganui, and Taranaki

Emily is a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor.

During her cancer journey she found comfort in taking control of what she could and as a practical and crafty person, she hand-made a quilt with each square representing key procedures and milestones. There will be a total of 201 squares with a gold edge to be added to symbolise now being in remission.

After three large masses were identified on her chest - the biggest was 10cm and the two others were 5cm – the treatment that followed was a whirlwind.

She reflects on the support the Cancer Society has offered on her journey;

“Because my treatment was a whirlwind I really didn’t get much time to feel the need for additional support immediately. I was at the hospital every week and got to know the nurses well. At the beginning of this year I reached out to the Cancer Society. I was starting to feel lost and a bit anxious about reoccurrence and asking myself what happens next?

For me, it’s about accessing the support and finding a community. One thing I’ve learnt is there is a difference between someone who is understanding and someone who understands – you need to find your people when you’re on a cancer journey and the Cancer Society can help with that.

I attended a Cancer Society “Post Treatment – Where To From Here?” workshop and its great meeting others with a shared experience and knowledge.

I’d say taking control of what you can and knowing there are support networks out there is good even if you don’t access them straight away. The Cancer Society is a one stop shop for that information. “

Every day, 71 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in our community and for people just like Emily.

Your generous donations make this possible.



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