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I’m Dave Bevin,

I’ve experienced cancer many times throughout my life, with the Cancer Society there ready to help each time. In 1997 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer; I wasn’t in the best financial position and was struggling to get by. At that time the Cancer Society organised frozen meals for me and fuel vouchers to help keep me afloat while going through treatment and I made it through.

I was again diagnosed with cancer toward the end of 2022, this time it was inoperable lung cancer. It’s a scary thing being diagnosed with cancer and it can be an emotional rollercoaster. One of the things the Cancer Society provides is access to free counselling services where you can talk through your experience. A problem shared is a problem halved and having the opportunity to talk to someone who understands was important to me. When you get cancer it’s not just you that’s been diagnosed but also your partner. My wife had the opportunity to access counselling through the Cancer Society which was really helpful as it gave her someone to share her experience with. We all need different kinds of support when diagnosed with cancer. For me assistance has ranged from financial to emotional, the Cancer Society have been a great support helping me with everything I need.


When you’re diagnosed with cancer trying to negotiate all the different forms of support that exist can be really intimidating. There’s so much you might not understand about the healthcare system. Knowing there’s someone I could call to say “I’ve got issues” and they’d be able to send you directly where you need to go was really comforting. That’s what the Cancer Society is all about, helping anyone with cancer no matter what they need. From my experience I’d encourage anyone experiencing cancer to get in touch with the Cancer Society – their support is invaluable.


They can’t help people like me without the support from people like you. Whether you’ve experienced cancer in your own life or are just a good sort, your support of the Cancer Society has made a massive difference in my life, and I know the lives of others.


The Cancer Society relies on donations to fund the free services that they provide. Setting up a regular donation is the best way to make sure someone like me can access the Cancer Society’s services.


Warm regards,

David Bevin