Each year Cancer Society Auckland contributes over $2 million towards the work of the Research Centre and is proud to be Aotearoa New Zealand's largest private funder of cancer research.

Operated jointly by Cancer Society Auckland and the University of Auckland, the Research Centre's primary mission is to discover and develop new drugs for cancer treatment.

Research objectives:

  • to develop new design concepts for anti-cancer drugs
  • to develop new drugs for clinical trial
  • to develop new methods of improving the use of existing drugs
  • to investigate the mutagenic risks of cancer drugs and various environmental influences

Achievements to date:

  • an international reputation as a world-leading anticancer drug development laboratory
  • has brought 14 drugs to clinical trial
  • filed 130 patent applications
  • had more than 2000 scientific papers published
  • plays a lead role in preparing the next generation of scientists through its teaching contribution
Last updated: October 27, 2023