We are here to support people with cancer and their whānau across the Kāpiti Coast. We are part of the Wellington Division of the Cancer Society.

Groups, talks and programmes available in Kāpiti

Every 2nd Monday of the month

10:30am - 12pm

Contact HilaryA@cancersoc.org.nz for more information.

A series of 3 workshops which aim to share techniques to encourage meditation as a regular practice held in April, July and October.

Contact HilaryA@cancersoc.org.nz for more information.

The chance to relax and create a beautiful piece of jewellery in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our next workshop is on Friday 31 May 2024 from 10am - 12:30pm.

Contact HilaryA@cancersoc.org.nz for more information.

We offer a subsidised massage service for people impacted by cancer. A trained massage therapist provides this service. 

We currently don’t have a local therapist but clients can still access massage elsewhere.

To book your appointment, contact HilaryA@cancersoc.org.nz

Please download the following medical approval form and get your doctor or oncologist to fill it out before your session. 

Download the medical approval form 

Referral form for Health Professionals

Our services are available to anyone diagnosed with cancer, family/whānau. Please use this form if you would like to use our services or refer someone else to our services.

If you or a member of your whānau have received a cancer diagnosis, you can just ring us on 0800 226 237. You don't need to be referred by a health professional.
Wellington - referral form

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Last updated: May 15, 2024