Our Mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand. Funding world-class research is an essential part of delivering our Mission.

Research strategy

Our research strategy was developed in 2018 with input from a wide range of people, including cancer researchers from a range of different disciplines, members of our National Scientific Advisory Committee, Cancer Society staff, representatives from Hei Āhuru Mōwai, Maori Cancer Leadership Aotearoa and other research funders.

The goals of the strategy include (not listed in priority order):

  • High quality and high impact research is funded through an open and transparent funding process.
  • Cancer Society-funded research projects focus on the priorities of the Society.
  • Additional funding is leveraged into cancer research in New Zealand.
  • National Awareness of the Cancer Society’s research programme is increased.
  • Cancer Society-funded research improves equitable cancer outcomes across the cancer continuum for all New Zealanders.
  • Commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi is evident throughout the research funding process.

Download our Research Strategy

Last updated: August 13, 2021