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Vaping legislation passes

The Cancer Society is pleased to see the new vaping legislation passed with general cross-party support as it will help protect people from the harms of e-cigarettes and nicotine addiction while also supporting those who use vaping to quit smoking.

The Vaping Amendment Bill passed yesterday, ending a period in which New Zealand’s vaping industry has operated without regulation. Cancer Society spokesperson Shayne Nahu (Te Arawa, Tainui, Irish) says the legislation puts an end to e-cigarettes being heavily marketed to children and non-smokers. 

“The Government was right to progress this legislation before the election and we congratulate Minister Salesa for her dedication and mahi in this area,” Nahu says.  

“This Bill was a long time coming trying to get the right balance between protecting children and supporting people to quit smoking, and there is still some refinement to be had through setting of regulations – however we needed this Bill to pass”

 “In particular, it’s important the restrictions on flavours in generic stores will be supported in the regulations.”

 The Cancer Society says there has been a huge amount of hard work by many organisations to progress this legislation.

 Nahu says protecting children required a range of measures. Among those, the legislation will put an end to industry marketing of vapes and restrict the sale of fruit and other flavourings popular with children to R18 specialist vape shops.

 “We’re pleased the Government has listened to concerns about the difficulties vaping is causing in schools and homes across the country,” Nahu says. “Most vapes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and can cause behaviour problems in children with developing brains. This legislation is a vital step in preventing a new generation becoming hooked on these products and potentially going on to smoke tobacco.”

 The Cancer Society says adults wanting to use vaping to quit smoking are provided for in the legislation. “People who vape to quit will be able get these products online and from specialist stores around the country where they can get the practical help to quit.” says Nahu.

 We can now look at progressing other measures to get to Smokefree 2025.