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Impact of HPV Vaccination on cervical abnormalities in young women

By Associate Professor Peter Sykes

Recent research showed the impact of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination on rates of cervical cell abnormalities (pre-cancer) in young women (2010-2015) in New Zealand.

The researchers found that receiving at least one dose of HPV vaccine before 18 years resulted in a 31% decreased incidence of high-grade cell abnormalities in women aged 20-24 years. 

However, several important factors related to HPV vaccination have changed recently in New Zealand, for example:

Peter Sykes' research team Peter Sykes' research team
  • a decreased average age of vaccination;
  • a new HPV vaccination (containing more HPV types);
  • increased rates of HPV vaccination and the HPV vaccination also being available for males now.

The team will continue their research and focus on women aged 20-24 years for a further four years (2016-2019). This research project will accurately assess the current impact (and any change in the impact) of HPV vaccination on cervical cell abnormalities in young women in New Zealand.

Funding: $20,246