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When Jane Simpson was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found the Cancer Society's driving service to be "exceptional"

Christchurch poet and historian Jane Simpson shares her perspective on the impact cancer has had on her life and how the Cancer Society’s information booklets and volunteer driving service helped her during her own cancer journey.

"Last August a mammogram picked up a tumour in my right breast, too deep to be felt. Cancer had caught up with me, despite my healthy lifestyle. I was 63, ten years older than my mother when she was diagnosed," Jane says.

"I was very fortunate. The cancer was Grade 2 and was found early," she says.

"Following my surgeon’s advice, I had a lumpectomy rather than a full mastectomy. The surgery was successful." 

"I read the Cancer Society’s booklet on breast cancer, written in accessible language without ‘dumbing down’. As a former university academic, I appreciate how difficult it is to do that," Jane says.

'The Volunteer Driver Service provided by the Cancer Society to and from my radiotherapy sessions was exceptional," she says.

"Seventeen years ago I decided not to have a car – I couldn’t justify it financially or in terms of the cost to the planet. So I hardly ever drive one or am a passenger. They all had luxurious cars and made me feel as if I was the Queen being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce! I felt on top of the world coming back from radiotherapy," Jane says.

"All the drivers were role models as mature, intelligent women full of curiosity about life in all its stages. These women are my lasting memory of the Cancer Society."

Your donation will help ensure the Cancer Society can continue to support people like Jane dealing with cancer across the Canterbury-West Coast region when they need it most.

Jane's story