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"Someone from the Cancer Society asked if I needed help. They didn't expect me to put on a brave face. It was amazing."

"Someone from the Cancer Society asked if I needed help. They didn't expect me to put on a brave face. It was amazing." Vicky

Three years ago, Vicky was home alone when an unexpected email alert came through saying ‘Confirmed cancer diagnosis’

“I called mum first. I was trying to get the words out. I thought it might be a mistake.”

Vicky’s life was quickly  “consumed” by cancer. Just two days later she was in surgery having a port inserted in her chest to make it easier to take blood and administer medicine. Then she began six gruelling months of chemotherapy.

"As soon as my treatment ended, it felt like everyone thought I was suddenly better. They were so happy and excited, but I wasn’t. There is still so much to worry about and it’s always in the back of my mind — ‘What if it comes back?’”

Two years on from completing treatment, this is a fear that Vicky still faces every day. Recently, we were able to catch up with Vicky to discuss her recovery and how her harrowing treatment has changed her perspective on life. Vicky expressed that some of the biggest scars her treatment has left haven’t been physical, but mental.

“When I finished treatment the Cancer Society were really amazing and provided so many incredible resources, even just someone to talk to. I’ve been really grateful to receive help from the Cancer Society. They’ve been absolutely amazing through all stages of treatment.”

The impact of cancer can be devastating. With your donation, we can continue to provide nurse support, advice and practical help to cancer patients to ensure they are not alone - whenever they may need it.

Donate before 31st March - and you can claim one-third of your donation back this year! 

Hear more about Vicky's story here.

Life after cancer