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Dick Frizzell’s iconic design re-imagined for Daffodil Day

Move over Mickey Mouse, it’s Daffy’s turn to get the Dick Frizzell treatment. The Cancer Society has teamed up with the legendary New Zealand artist to create an exclusive run of prints for Daffodil Day.

Essentially you can look fab sporting a one-of-a-kind print while at the same time being a hero to the 71 people who hear the words ‘you have cancer’ every single day. 

The Daffy to Daffy artwork follows Frizzell’s famous ‘Mickey to Tiki’ format of a beloved cartoon character morphing into a significant symbol– in this case, turning Daffy Duck into a daffodil.

Men's T-shirt
Top: Hoodie | Bottom left: Men's T-shirt
Left: Hoodie | Top right: Men's T-shirt

From 1 August t-shirts, hoodies and prints will be on sale across Aotearoa with the proceeds going to the Cancer Society.

Cancer Society Events and Fundraising Coordinator Pip Taylor said she decided to be bold and reach out to the well-known artist for this year’s design and is thrilled with the result. 

“Frizzell agreed to give it a go and ‘see if inspiration struck’, and to our great joy it did. We suspect this will be our most popular t-shirt yet.”

Frizzell says he was happy to give back to a cause that affects so many New Zealanders. 

My mother died of breast cancer. In one form or another it is never very far away from most families, including mine.

Dick Frizzell

Cancer Society of New Zealand CEO Lucy Elwood says: “Many people don’t realise that the charity receives minimal government funding and relies on the generosity of individuals and business in our community to continue its work.”

“We’re so grateful and honoured to have Dick turn our emblem - the daffodil – into one of his iconic designs.” 

Daffodil Day this year is Friday 27 August and raises vital funds so the Cancer Society can provide free support to people during and after treatment, education and awareness programmes, and fund research into the causes and treatments of cancer. 

The Dick Frizzell Daffodil Day t-shirt, hoodie and exclusive print are available to purchase from 1 August 2021 for a limited time, T-shirts $35 and hoodies $60.

You can also have your own print of Daffy to Daffy for $99.


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