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You can make sure no one faces cancer alone!

Every year, 27,000 New Zealanders will receive the devastating news: “You’ve got cancer.” When cancer feels overwhelming, you can provide the practical and emotional support that patients and their families need. Please make your donation today.

Last autumn, 28-year-old Abi and her husband Broc were full of excitement and anticipation after discovering Abi was pregnant with their first child.

But one of life’s wonderful moments for most new parents was suddenly and so unexpectedly turned on its head when Abi found a lump in her breast.

“At 6 months pregnant we found out I had stage 3 breast cancer.

It was pretty scary to think like, what treatment can I do while pregnant? How is this going to affect how much time I can spend with my baby once she's born?”

Five days after her diagnosis, Abi began chemotherapy treatment.

Three months later, amidst the emotional and physical turmoil of cancer, Abi gave birth to baby Lilah. And then she was straight into another round of chemotherapy, before undergoing surgery to remove the remaining cancer cells.

"Not being able to hold my baby after surgery… that was the hardest part.

When Abi found out the next step in her treatment journey was vital radiation treatment hours away from her home and family, it was daunting. But just at the right time, support from people like you stepped in, and we could offer Abi, Broc and baby Lilah a room at our Lodge, close to the hospital.

“The Lodge definitely took a weight off my shoulders knowing we had somewhere to stay and didn’t have to worry about anything...

I was very nervous about going there, but it was so homely. Everyone was so welcoming.”

Our Cancer Society Lodges are a lifeline for cancer patients – offering a safe haven and ensuring no one is forced to miss out on life-saving cancer treatment because of distance or cost. During their stay patients are located close to the hospital and have access to key support services including specialist nursing, healthy meals and massage. 

But we simply couldn’t provide this free service without people like you, , giving your care and support, ensuring Abi and her family had a comfortable place to stay. And with increasing demand for our services, we need your help.

Would you be a lifeline for cancer patients today by making a special donation?