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Anga Whakamua Forward Together

Anga Whakamua/Forward Together is the name we have given to our governance review project here at the Cancer Society.

Why are we doing the review?

One of the objectives in our new federation-wide strategic plan is to ensure governance is fit for purpose. Our decision-making structure has remained largely unchanged since 1963. It’s appropriate for us to consider what structure works best so that we can deliver support and services for people with cancer and their whānau in 2020.


Who will be involved in the forward together review?

We want to involve stakeholders, staff, board members, committee members, people with cancer, and donors to have input into the review process. We need to hear your views to make sure the review is thorough and so we can all have confidence in the results.

Anga Whakamua/Forward Together will consider decision-making structures that are designed to support the way we work, and the services and outcomes for people with cancer and their whānau we want to deliver. We have contracted Maria Clarke, an independent not-for-profit governance expert, to guide the review. (


Working group set up

A working group has been set up and will begin meeting in February. Governance members of the Cancer Society can email here to be put onto the mailing list about this project