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Meet our new Tauranga nurse

“Working alongside people in the community is where I fit best. That’s our core business – being available and supporting people in their journey.”

Meet Ally Beattie who joins the Tauranga team as a supportive care nurse.

Ally has worked in the Bay of Plenty community for the last 20 years and says the opportunity to work with us came at just the right time.

“I’ve always wanted to support people with cancer. I became a nurse to give back after my younger sister was born with cancer. Back then, support like CanTeen and Starship Hospital wasn’t around, but the Cancer Society was, 40 odd years ago.

Ally is looking forward to getting involved with support groups alongside our other Tauranga nurse, Rozie and says meeting people is what it’s all about.

“Cancer Society is a supportive pathway for people in their life journey. It’s about the family – just like the Cancer Society was there for my own family. Visiting people in their homes is where people are most comfortable as it’s a neutral space where they can open up and share."

About supportive care services

Cancer Society supportive care services are free for people with cancer and their whānau, and a referral is not necessary. People needing support can contact Cancer Society on 0800 22 77 44.