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Screening for skin cancer and the crisis in cancer treatment capacity

David Whiteman outlines the lastest thinking on the pros and cons of routine checks for skin cancer. Chris Jackson talks about progress in cancer treatment in New Zealand.

Presenters: Professor David Whiteman and Dr Chris Jackson 

David Whiteman is a medical epidemiologist and one of the world’s leading skin cancer control experts. He leads the Cancer Control Group at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Queensland, Australia.

Chris Jackson is the widely respected ex-Medical Director of the Cancer Society New Zealand, Consultant Medical Oncologist, and advisor to Te Aho o Te Kahu Cancer Control Agency.  

David covers strategies for melanoma control and presents some interesting information on tools to help people safe access their risk. He also touches on the risks of over diagnosis.

Chris talks about progress in five year survival rates after a cancer diagnosis; the challenges of adopting new technology in New Zealand, and also the difficulties in delivering service in a sparsely populated country. He also presents some interesting information on the International Cancer Benchmarking Project which highlights although we are getting improvements we are not keeping up with other wealthy, developed countries.

Webinar outline: speaker presentation (approx 30 minutes total), Q&A (approx 30 mins)

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