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Alcohol and Cancer Awareness

Every year 264 people (almost 38 netball teams) get breast cancer caused by alcohol.
Better awareness and regulations can help protect whānau against alcohol -related cancer.

Alcohol and Cancer Awareness

Alcohol (even small amounts) is a cause of cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund (WGCR) recommends ‘not to drink alcohol’ to prevent cancer.  

Not drinking or drinking less alcohol reduces the risk of seven types of cancer, including mouth, throat, voice box, oesophagus (food pipe), liver, bowel and breast (in women). The less you drink the lower your cancer risk.

Despite this alcohol is readily available and promoted in our communities.  The Cancer Society wants greater protection from alcohol marketing and accessibility (like tobacco) to protect whānau from the harms of alcohol including cancer. 


What can you do?

Individuals, communities, and organisations

Share our on-line resources, including our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and our FAQs, with your whānau and community to raise awareness about alcohol and cancer risk.  

Send us your stories about how the marketing, availability, and low cost of alcohol affects your community or whānau. 

Do you have story to share with us about how the marketing, availability and low cost of alcohol has affected your whānau or community?

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