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Nelson couple Betty and Emani Soane both appreciated staying in Cancer Society accommodation while having treatment

Husband and wife Emani and Betty Soane both work for community organisations in the Nelson region. They have also both had cancer.

Emani told us how precious he and his wife Betty found being able to stay in Cancer Society accommodation when he had to travel to Christchurch for cancer surgery:

“Coming down to Christchurch, you know, you’ve got to think of accommodation, the cost of living, transport to do things, but having Cancer Society accommodation (to stay in) really eased the burden for us,” Emani says.

“It’s very supportive and nothing’s ever an issue – trying to make sure we were comfortable; getting extra blankets in; catering for our families if they visited,” he says.

“You go into the lounge and you can mix and mingle with others, and that’s therapeutic as well talking with other people that are going through similar situations like yourself,” Emani says.

“In my case, I couldn’t really walk around much, but it was nice that my wife and my daughter were still able to interact with other people who were going through a similar process, supporting their loved ones through their treatment,” he says.

Your donation will help ensure the Cancer Society can provide a "home away from home" for people with cancer from across the South Island while they receive vital cancer treatment in Christchurch.

Betty and Emani's story