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At the age of 40, Timaru Mum Juliana Sargeant was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer.

She was an otherwise fit and healthy mum with three children under five and was still breastfeeding her youngest at the time. 

The Cancer Society provided Juliana and her baby Arabella with a place to stay in Christchurch at Daffodil House while Juliana received six weeks of intensive treatment, including both radiation and chemotherapy.

Juliana describes being able to have baby Arabella with her as “a godsend”. 

After scans revealed that Juliana’s tumour had shrunk she underwent a number of major surgeries to reduce the likelihood of the cancer spreading. 

“Living with this and young children was challenging but we got there,” says Juliana. 

Your donation will help us to continue to support families like Juliana’s in the Canterbury-West Coast region. Thank you!

Juliana's story