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Cancer Society releases information and advice for Kiwis

Cancer Society releases information and advice for Kiwis with cancer.

Recognising that Covid-19 is adding stress and worry to an already very difficult situation for those with cancer, the Cancer Society’s Medical Director, Dr Chris Jackson, is reassuring them his organisation is available to support them in any way it can.


As well as supporting cancer patients with accommodation, transport and one-on–one support through their 0800 cancer line, the Cancer Society has produced some key information which it released today.


This information sheet has advice on dealing with COVID-19. It is being circulated with Cancer Society patient and staff networks now and is published on its website.


Dr Jackson strongly urges those with cancer, including those receiving chemotherapy, should continue their treatment.


“Individuals should talk to their treatment team about their specific risks at their next appointment,” says Dr Jackson.


Cancer Society has issued the following advice.

· You can still go out but avoid crowds, public transport and think about online shopping.

· Get an influenza vaccine as soon as possible. These are free for over 65 year olds and most people with cancer.

· Your treatment team may make your next visit a telephone or video call. This is a safety step in your care.

· Some treatment recommendations may change but these will be discussed with you.

· If you have a fever, cough or are short of breath, call your oncology treatment team for specific advice.

Dr Jackson is working closely with the newly formed Cancer Control Agency to support their planning.


“Covid-19 is clearly unprecedented and may put a major strain on our health system. We do not yet have community spread and are currently in the preparation phase so that if it hits we are ready” says Dr Jackson.


The Cancer Society takes the health and well-being of our communities seriously and our teams are working closely with their local DHB to make plans for any changes to services that the Cancer Society offer.

These plans will be reviewed regularly and affected people will be contacted by their local Cancer Society teams.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding at this time.