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Common Sense Oncology in clinical trials research

Calling all patients, family members, advocates, clinical trialists, oncologists, and people interested in cancer research!

We want to hear from YOU about improving cancer trials world-wide

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What is the Common Sense Oncology Movement?

CSO was founded in 2023 because more and more clinical trials research is being done to achieve registration and reimbursement of drug rather than improving patient outcomes that matter.


  • “living longer” isn’t the most common trial endpoint in cancer trials anymore – instead, PFS is now more commonly used
  • Minorities and marginalised groups are under-represented in trials
  • People with co-morbid health conditions and older adults are often excluded from trials, despite making up a large number of the patients we need to treat
  • Commercial trials often restrict access to cross-over therapies, skewing results towards the newer drugs
  • Quality of life outcomes in cancer drug trials are often not a major end-point, or reporting the results is frequently heavily delayed

What can we do?

Patients deserve better. We can influence the clinical trials environment by improving design, interpretation, and communication of results. We want to make sure patients are front and centre of all oncology trials, as they should be. Join the Engagement webinar to learn more and have your say.


How can we change things?

CSO is a growing international movement. We’re engaging with patients and families, researchers and clinicians, trials groups, professional organisations, journal editors, and regulators. Attend the webinar!


What is this webinar about?

In this webinar we will talk about the Common Sense Oncology movement. We are developing a patient-focused “charter” of common sense principles and actions that could be used in the future to guide trial development, to make sure patients and families are at the heart of all oncology research, and not commercial or regulatory considerations.


Who is involved?

Dr Michelle Tregear, breast cancer survivor, patient advocate, and chief programs officer at National Breast Cancer Coalition, Canada

Professor Chris Booth, medical oncologist and Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care, Queens University, Kingston, Canada

Professor Chris Jackson, medical oncologist and professor of oncology, University of Otago. Former medical director of the Cancer Society of NZ


We want YOU to be involved! We want to hear from YOU!


Where can I get more information?

Read the Lancet Oncology article HERE.

Check out the CSO Website HERE.


When is it again?

Wednesday 10 Apr, 9am. Register for free HERE.


Hope to see you there!!


Prof. Chris (CJ) Jackson, on behalf of Common Sense Oncology