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New beds at Margaret Stewart House thanks to Dry July NZ

Margaret Stewart House provides a place to stay if you're from out-of-town and having cancer treatment at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre. The house is located in the grounds of Wellington Regional Hospital in Newtown, Wellington.

Thanks to a generous grant from Dry July NZ, we have been able to furnish our rooms with new beds for our guests - all ready for when we reopen. 

Our guests tell us they sleep really well on the new beds, which is hugely important for patients who are resting and recuperating after treatment. The new King Single beds are a significant improvement on our old beds, according to guests who've stayed with us before. They're also much easier to move, so make maintaining guest rooms so much easier.

Margaret Stewart House has been closed since Lockdown began in March. Due to the shared kitchen and living areas, coupled with the compromised immune systems of people receiving cancer treatment, we were not able to ensure the safest possible environment.  

We're now happy to share that the patient accommodation will be reopening from Tuesday 2nd June. We have put in place some measures to keep everyone safe during Alert Level 2:

  • The doors will remain locked at all times.
  • People may bring one support person with them.
  • Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept any visitors at this time.
  • Social distancing guidelines will apply within the house.

We're very relieved to be back open as it means that travel clerks at local hospitals will be able to refer those out-of-town patients to stay with us. Being able to stay just down the road from Wellington Hospital helps lift a significant financial burden on these families. 

Thanks to Dry July NZ and everyone who went Dry in July, our guests will be very comfortable when they stay with us.