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Prefects rally together to sponsor room at the Lodge

When Gisborne Girls' High School prefect, Lola visited family staying at the Cancer Society's Lions Lodge, she was stunned to find out that the service was free of charge.

When she heard that Lodge rooms are sponsored to keep on top of everyday costs, she took the idea back to her prefect group and an idea was born.
"A few of us have family that have gone through the Cancer Society's Lions Lodge. We wanted to do something to thank the Cancer Society for giving Gisborne patients a place to stay because it's pretty far away. And cancer treatment can be a financial burden for people as they have to leave work," says Lola.
The prefects decided on a raffle and approached local businesses to support them with prizes. They sold around 500 tickets and also made a GiveaLittle page. The fundraiser was a success and the girls now have a room with their name on at the Lodge.
"I don't know how to describe the Lodge. Gisborne is little and remote, and it's not easy to just leave your family and friends. But when we went there, it felt so homely. In the bigger picture, having a place to go after radiation or chemotherapy, you feel safe and it makes the whole thing so much better."
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