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You can make sure no one faces cancer alone!

Every year, over 27,000 New Zealanders will receive the devastating news: “You’ve got cancer.” When cancer feels overwhelming, you can provide the practical and emotional support that patients and their families need. Please make your donation today. 

Huia’s Story

After suffering from an ischaemic stroke in 2018 where mother of three, Huia, had to relearn how to read and walk, the last few years have certainly not been easy. And in 2022, just as Huia began to regain her independence, her health took another horrible turn.

“I noticed two lumps in my breasts, and I thought where the heck did these come from?

When the nurse and the doctor left the room, I just lost it. I cried and I could not stop. I was alone in this ugly cold room, it was horrible.”

Devastatingly, Huia was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer. She would need to undergo surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

The many treatments would involve numerous trips to the hospital, but Huia’s husband Joseph couldn’t take any more time off work to drive her. As they discussed what seemed to be an impossible situation, your support stepped in.

“I contacted the Cancer Society about rides to treatment and they were so good…

There is one particular driver I’ll never forget. After chemo I couldn’t say anything because I was just exhausted. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream, but he would put his hand on my shoulder.

He’d say, ‘You’ll be alright girl, you’ve just done another session and you’re one step closer.’ It helped reframe it and chemo became my mate because each time I would think, I am one step closer.”

Throughout her treatment, Huia also utilised the Cancer Society support groups and found access to counselling invaluable.

The services Cancer Society provides aren’t just for patients. They can explain your diagnosis to your whānau and help you to understand what your family member is going through.”

“I am grateful beyond words to the people who support the Cancer Society, because they were there for me.”

When you donate to the Cancer Society, you’re ensuring cancer patients like Huia aren’t forced to miss out on lifesaving treatment. You're also ensuring cancer patients can access nursing support, counselling, accommodation, and more.

We can't do it alone. Please, make a donation today.