We are here to support people with cancer and their whānau. We are part of the Canterbury-West Coast Division of the Cancer Society.

Canterbury/West Coast Division - Services under Covid-19 Protection Framework - Traffic light information

All staff, volunteers and persons coming on to any of our premises or who perform work for us are to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by 1 December 2021.

From the 1 December 2021, if you are booked into our accommodation at Daffodil House or Lodge, you will be required to be fully vaccinated. This also includes any support person(s) staying with you. As part of our booking process, you and your support person(s) will be required to produce evidence of your vaccination status before being permitted entry to our accommodation. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, you will not be able to enter our premises.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, we can still try and support you. We will look to secure accommodation at other motels where possible. All our staff at our accommodation (including our shuttle drivers) and contractors who come on site are fully vaccinated.

Please contact either Hannah Godfrey - hannah.godfrey@cancercwc.org.nz or
Jenni Masters - Jenni.Masters@cancercwc.org.nz if you have questions about Accommodation Services.

From the 1 December 2021, our volunteer drivers can only take you to and from treatment at the hospital if you are fully vaccinated. Our Driving Coordinator will ask you for your vaccination status when she is making a booking for you. Our drivers may also ask you to produce evidence of your vaccination status before you enter their private vehicle. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, we cannot drive you to your appointment.

For those of you who choose or are unable to be vaccinated, we will try and find an alternative method of getting you to your appointment. This may or may not be able to occur, based on additional cost to the Cancer Society, but we will do our best to accommodate this if we can.

Please contact Jenni Masters at Jenni.Masters@cancercwc.org.nz if you have questions about the Driving Service.

From the 1 December 2021, our support services staff can only visit you or meet with you in person if you are fully vaccinated. A detailed pre-assessment will be completed with you over the phone before any meeting will be held. Part of that pre-assessment will be to ensure you are fully vaccinated. This will include whether there will be anyone else at the visit or meeting and their vaccination status. Our staff will require you to produce evidence of your vaccination status before they enter your premises or have a meeting with you at one of our premises. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, we cannot meet with you personally.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, we can still support you. This will be remotely via telephone conversations or Zoom calls. We are still very much dedicated to supporting you through your cancer journey and have ways to work with you while still ensuring the safety of our staff. Please contact your support person to discuss your individual requirements and how we can continue to support you.

Please contact Anita Albert at Anita.Albert@cancercwc.org.nz if you have any questions about Supportive Care.

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David was diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer

Help us support more people like David and his family during their cancer experience

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Transport to treatment

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who can help you get to your hospital appointments.

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Rolleston Cancer Support Groups

Monthly on the 1st Monday of the month from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

Join us for coffee.  A group for people with a cancer diagnosis,  family and whanau welcome.


  • 12th April
  • 3rd May
  • 14th June
  • 5th July
  • 2nd August
  • 6th September
  • 4th October
  • 1st November
  • 6th December


Location: Cancer Society Selwyn Centre, 6b Kidman Street, Rolleston

Contact:  03 925 9708 or selwyn.centre@cancercwc.org.nz

Held monthly on the 4th Wednesday of the month.


A forum in which to meet and share personal experiences, spouses / partners / caregivers welcome.

Note: meeting details may change and due to COVID-19 some may be on-line in place of face-2-face. Please check the website or contact the Support Group Coordinators prior to attending a meeting.


Location: Tod Lounge, Lincoln Events Centre, Meijer Drive, Lincoln

Contact: Chris (027 437 1254) & Dianne (021 371 254) Ward; selwyn@prostate.org.nz, 03 321 7046, 0800 477 678



Referral form for health professionals

Our services are available to anyone diagnosed with cancer, family/whānau. Please use this form if you would like to use our services or refer someone else to our services.

If you or a member of your whānau have received a cancer diagnosis, you can just ring us on 0800 226 237. You don't need to be referred by a health professional.
Canterbury-West Coast - referral form

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