We have worked through the Covid-19 Protection Framework to see what it means practically for us at each signal. Read about our policies below, with specific divisional information about accommodation, driving and support services.

Our priority is to protect the wellbeing of our clients, volunteers and staff members. On this page you can find a selection of resources to help guide you through Covid-19.

Auckland/Northland Division

From 30 December 2021, Auckland is moving to traffic light ORANGE. Cancer Society offices in Auckland are open with Covid screening on arrival (from 5th January 2022). Face to face support group meetings will be conducted off site. If you are travelling to Auckland for treatment, please ensure you have your appointment details and a negative Covid test result. On arrival please wear a mask.

Domain Lodge in Auckland continues to remain operational to provide accommodation for booked patients and supporters. Patients and supporters will be asked to present a negative Covid result. For further details, please contact Domain Lodge directly on 09 308 0160. Visitors of those staying in Domain Lodge are not permitted inside the Lodge. Please make arrangements to meet off site. Masks are to be worn in all shared and open spaces within Domain Lodge.

There is partial return of the volunteer driving service. We are coordinating with the hospital to organise transport for those people who have no alternatives. Please ask whānau and friends to assist with transport to appointments and treatment where possible.

Community nursing and psychology appointments will be a mix of phone/remote contact and face to face appointments. Covid screening will be undertaken prior to a face to face appointment. Masks are to be worn and please remain one metre apart.

From 30 December 2021, Northland will remain in traffic light level RED.

Daffodil House is open. Patients can drop in but must be masked. Supporters must be double vaccinated and wear a mask. We will ask to see your vaccine pass.

There is limited volunteer driving services. Please ask whānau and friends to assist with transport to appointments and treatment where possible.

Support care visits/counselling will mostly be conducted by phone/remotely. Any face to face appointments are on a needs only basis. Masks will be worn and you are asked to remain one metre apart. Support groups and groups using Daffodil House and not being undertaken under RED.

Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division

Our offices are open at Green and Orange. All visitors will be screened and vaccine passes viewed on arrival. Masks must be worn. At Red, our offices are closed to the public.

The Lodge will remain open at every level to ensure people with cancer have a place to stay when travelling for treatment.

Guests and support people will be tested for Covid-19 prior to their arrival at the Lodge.

Masks and physical distancing are required in all shared areas, like the dining room and lounge. At Red, shared areas will close and guests will be required to remain in their rooms.

At Orange and Green all visitors and support people will be screened and vaccine passes checked on arrival. At Red, visitors are not permitted at the Lodge.

Transport to treatment is available with precautions in place. All clients will be screened prior to their drive.

Face masks must be worn, and clients will be seated in the back seat diagonally opposite the driver.

Supportive care

Home visits from our supportive care nurses are available at Green and Orange, with appropriate physical distancing, face masks and health screening in place.

Home visits are not available at Red.

Our nurses are also available to provide information, advice and support via phone and email at every level.

Support group meetings

Face-to-face support group meetings and programmes have concluded for 2021.

Groups will resume from February 2022 for people with a vaccine pass, and we are planning alternatives for people who do not hold a vaccine pass.

Central Districts Division

The following information applies to all Central Districts centres. Services will be offered under the Government traffic light system at both Red and Orange. The Cancer Society is an essential health service provider, however, in some instances things may look slightly different to normal.

Under the Red and Orange Government traffic light system our centre doors are open. We ask all visitors (and staff) to wash and sanitise their hands regularly, remain socially distanced, and wear a mask when in our centres.

All centre staff on site are vaccinated according to the Government’s health sector mandate to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for clients, volunteers and the team. All contractors/service providers engaged by our centres will be asked to show their vaccination passport prior to commencing any work on a centre premise.

Under Red and Orange, the Cancer Society shuttles and volunteer driving service will continue, providing transport for clients to cancer-related medical appointments. The drivers and passengers should always wear masks and socially distance where possible.

Clients and individuals on a journey with cancer are welcome to seek support from our centres. Please don’t be offended if we ask if you are unwell/well, have been in contact with a positive Covid-19 case or been at a location of interest recently – this is part of health screening to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Massage and other therapy will continue, subject to the therapist providing an eligible vaccine passport. Please check with your local centre for details. We will review the running of group sessions in January 2022.

Wellington Division

Margaret Stewart House will remain open for those who are fully vaccinated and need to travel to Wellington for treatment. Patients can bring one fully vaccinated support person. Unfortunately, we do not allow children to stay at Margaret Stewart House during the Orange traffic light setting.

Our driving service will still be available, but clients and drivers must wear masks. We do not allow clients to bring support people during the Orange light setting, and clients must sit in the back seat. We take clients regardless of their vaccination status.

We will continue to support people on our Cancer Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (226 237) and at info@cancersoc.org.nz. The Cancer Society office doors will be closed, however, face-to-face support with the nurses or counsellors will be available by appointment, for those with a vaccine pass. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions, or for any support needs you may have.

Canterbury/West Coast Division

All staff, volunteers and persons coming on to any of our premises or who perform work for us are to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by 1 December 2021.

From the 1 December 2021, if you are booked into our accommodation at Daffodil House or Lodge, you will be required to be fully vaccinated. This also includes any support person(s) staying with you. As part of our booking process, you and your support person(s) will be required to produce evidence of your vaccination status before being permitted entry to our accommodation. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, you will not be able to enter our premises.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, we can still try and support you. We will look to secure accommodation at other motels where possible. All our staff at our accommodation (including our shuttle drivers) and contractors who come on site are fully vaccinated.

Please contact either Hannah Godfrey - hannah.godfrey@cancercwc.org.nz or
Jenni Masters - Jenni.Masters@cancercwc.org.nz if you have questions about Accommodation Services.

From the 1 December 2021, our volunteer drivers can only take you to and from treatment at the hospital if you are fully vaccinated. Our Driving Coordinator will ask you for your vaccination status when she is making a booking for you. Our drivers may also ask you to produce evidence of your vaccination status before you enter their private vehicle. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, we cannot drive you to your appointment.

For those of you who choose or are unable to be vaccinated, we will try and find an alternative method of getting you to your appointment. This may or may not be able to occur, based on additional cost to the Cancer Society, but we will do our best to accommodate this if we can.

Please contact Jenni Masters at Jenni.Masters@cancercwc.org.nz if you have questions about the Driving Service.

From the 1 December 2021, our support services staff can only visit you or meet with you in person if you are fully vaccinated. A detailed pre-assessment will be completed with you over the phone before any meeting will be held. Part of that pre-assessment will be to ensure you are fully vaccinated. This will include whether there will be anyone else at the visit or meeting and their vaccination status. Our staff will require you to produce evidence of your vaccination status before they enter your premises or have a meeting with you at one of our premises. Please ensure you are carrying proof of being fully vaccinated. If you cannot provide this when requested, we cannot meet with you personally.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, we can still support you. This will be remotely via telephone conversations or Zoom calls. We are still very much dedicated to supporting you through your cancer journey and have ways to work with you while still ensuring the safety of our staff. Please contact your support person to discuss your individual requirements and how we can continue to support you.

Please contact Anita Albert at Anita.Albert@cancercwc.org.nz if you have any questions about Supportive Care.

Otago/Southland Division

At Orange, clients and supporters will be pre-screened before arrival, which will include showing your vaccination passport. Everyone will be screened on entry, with completion of screening questions. If you have travelled to get here, we require pre-travel antigen testing with evidence of negative test upon arrival.

During your stay, we require antigen testing weekly, or when presenting with symptoms. Antigen testing is also required if people return home. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow visitors. Entry is through the carpark. Shared areas are open, with no shared bathrooms, and masks are encouraged in shared spaces. We encourage social distancing by separating tables and lounge furniture, while Daffodil House staff are required to wear masks and use hand sanitiser in all shared spaces.

Meals are self-catered, rooms are professionally cleaned between guests and laundry is self-supporting, with masks encouraged in the laundry. We recommend limiting outings to essentials and always wearing a mask on shopping trips, as per official guidance.

Driving services continue at traffic light level Orange, with volunteers vaccinated. Hygiene guidelines are in place, including mask wearing, patients to sit in the back seat, windows open, hand sanitiser and vehicle cleaning. Access to driving services is granted after pre-screening questions, including a self-assessment. There is no entry to hospital and driving services are limited to one patient per day.

At traffic light level Orange, direct support is available with pre-screening questions, while visits will be deferred if these are not met. Good hygiene practices are required, with masks to be used for supportive care if indoors and masks also encouraged for clients. Direct support can take place outside if sunny. Support groups and programmes with be assessed in January/February 2022. Meals and baking services continue, with drop off to offices at front of house, and masked, contactless delivery to clients. Volunteers are to be used from January 2022 in accordance with volunteer guidelines, while counselling continues with vaccinated providers recommended.

Last updated: December 22, 2021