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Farewell to long-time volunteer

“I was with St Johns Ambulance for years, until I retired in 1990. I decided to volunteer for the Cancer Society because my wife died of cancer. I’ve done about 25 years of volunteer work. I was widowed, I like being useful and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Seddon Powley, who we’re sure many of our Tauranga clients will recognize, is stepping back from volunteering after many years service transporting our clients to treatment. 

“I moved to Tauranga in 1998. In those days, there wasn’t a Cancer Society office in Tauranga and there was no radiation treatment either, so we’d have to go over to Waikato Hospital. I was the only volunteer that would go over to Waikato, as the other volunteers were older than me - I was only a young fella then.

“I’ve always loved driving, ever since I got my first car when I was 16.  I’m not just sitting at home – that’s not retirement for me. It’s rewarding because I’m doing something useful. You get home at the end of the day and you think ‘I’ve done a good job today’.

“I’ve always done volunteering, ever since my mother made me join the ambulance cadets when I was 11. That’s how I met my wife. I lost her when she was only 52. Back then they couldn’t identify where her primary cancer was. Of course, these days they know.”

Seddon will be 88 on his next birthday and has decided to retire from volunteering to allow more time for his hobbies, like the Travel Club and indoor bowling. Though he says he’s just a phone call away!

“Diana knows to call me if ever a driver calls in sick. I’ll drop what I’m doing and be there. On call, if you like. I feel like I’m not a person to just sit at home. I enjoy being a volunteer. It’s the little things you see, the look on people’s faces - it’s so rewarding.”

Dawn and Diana (pictured with Seddon) and the rest of the Tauranga team will miss you Seddon. Thanks so much for your many years serving your community.

I enjoy being a volunteer. It’s the little things you see, the look on people’s faces - it’s so rewarding

Seddon Powley, Cancer Society volunteer