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World Smokefree Day 2020

Tobacco is still harming our communities. This World Smokefree Day, we want to draw attention to the thousands of places you can buy tobacco.

There are currently no restrictions on where smokes are sold in Aotearoa, even though they are R18.

We want Kiwis to ask themselves: should smokes only be sold in a few R18 specialist tobacco shops? Let us know what you think in our Facebook poll!

The poll is live for a week and so far we have had over 400 votes. If you can, we’d be so grateful if you shared the poll so we can get as many responses as possible.

Smokes are deadly, and yet they are sold alongside ordinary grocery items. Every time someone who wants to quit goes to buy essentials such as bread and milk, they have to make a conscious decision not to buy smokes. Let’s make it easier for people trying to quit smoking.

Having fewer shops selling tobacco will help us to reach Smokefree Aotearoa 2025.