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Government-funded primary prevention campaigns

The Cancer Society would like to see Government funding for a comprehensive SunSmart programme in Aotearoa New Zealand. Consistent and sustainable funding is needed for mass-media campaigns, and skin cancer protection programmes in workplaces, sport and recreation, educational and community settings

New Zealanders do not have equal access to sun protection. Many initiatives are voluntary, and the reach of these across Aotearoa varies. The Cancer Society has been a key player in the prevention of skin cancer for decades.

Research from Australia shows that targeted campaigns, carried out since the 1980s, are beginning to show positive effects on the rates of skin cancer development.

The Australian Government has funded SunSmart programmes over the last 10 years.

In the state of Victoria this has led to 22,000 life-years saved.

It has also saved money from offsetting the cost of skin cancer management. It is estimated that for every dollar invested in SunSmart there will be a return of AU$2.30.