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You can make sure no one faces cancer alone!

You can make sure no one faces cancer alone!

Every year, 25,000 New Zealanders will receive the devastating news: “You’ve got cancer.” When cancer feels overwhelming, you can provide the practical and emotional support that patients and their families need. Please make your donation today. 

“It was April, just after Easter. My daughter Alice had just had her first birthday and to be told [I had cancer]… it was absolutely unbelievable and devastating.”

Mum of three, Lisa Forrest had been trying to push her worries to the back of her mind. She had been waiting on this specialist appointment for almost a year and would finally be getting some much-needed answers. However, like many New Zealanders, Lisa wasn’t prepared for what the specialist would find - a 10cm cancerous tumour growing in her bowel.

Please, make your donation today to ensure Lisa and the 71 Kiwis diagnosed with cancer each day receive the support they need.

Lisa needed to undergo life-saving radiation and chemotherapy treatment, but this could only be completed at hospital hours away from her home, family, and support system in Dargaville. Thankfully, Lisa was able to stay at Domain Lodge with her baby which made an immense difference in her journey.

“It was hard enough leaving my school-aged sons. But to contemplate leaving your 15-month-old baby behind to come down here for five weeks of treatment was just unimaginable…”

“I’m really really grateful that we were able to stay at Domain Lodge. That just means the world to me.” Lisa told me, with tears in her eyes.

Lisa also was supported through her cancer journey by Cancer Society nurse Maggie, and received invaluable free counselling sessions.

“Please support the Cancer Society. Because it’s a matter of life or death for some people. It makes a huge difference having the support, having Domain Lodge, having a nurse like Maggie, and the counselling… it makes a difference.”

“Staying at Domain Lodge has meant less travel and less time away from my baby... It has taken a load off us.”

Thank you for caring about Kiwis facing cancer. Because of you, no one has to face the toughest days of their life alone.

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