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Help make sure no one faces cancer alone!

Every day, 71 New Zealanders will receive the devastating news: “you’ve got cancer.” When cancer feels overwhelming, you can provide the practical and emotional support patients and their families need. Please make your donation today.  

When Hamish was first diagnosed in 2018, his kidney cancer was stage 2.

“I was in quite a bit of shock, I had a little cry as well, and then I guess the old fight or flight syndrome kicked in… I thought to myself – how am I going to handle this?”


Hamish was given a 90% success rate for his first surgery. But devastatingly, after undergoing three additional surgeries, radiation treatment and numerous drugs, his cancer has spread. Hamish is now stage 4. 

“When I’ve reached out to the Cancer Society, they’ve been there when I’ve needed them… I couldn’t ask for more.”

“Receiving the counselling… it can’t be overestimated how good it is. Because before you know it your emotions build up... Being able to walk out of the room after an hour and feeling like you’re lighter has been a major positive for me. Because there are dark times.”


Thousands of New Zealanders like Hamish rely on our vital services every day. We urgently need your help to ensure that a person’s financial situation doesn’t prevent them from receiving vital care and support. Together, we can provide counselling, nursing support, accommodation, and transportation for those who need it most.


Please give a meaningful gift today – your donation will make an immense difference to New Zealanders facing cancer.

“Don’t underestimate what the Cancer Society does for the community. There’s a lot of support that you don’t realise is happening for a lot of people in this country and anything you can give to the Cancer Society is going to be well received and well used… Cancer is one of the biggest problems in our country at the moment, so I think if you can support the Cancer Society, you’re supporting New Zealand.” - Hamish


Together let’s ensure Hamish and his family continue to be supported as he introduces a new drug to fight his cancer in 2023. Your donation also ensures support for the thousands of others battling cancer across our country right now.  

Thank you for supporting Kiwis facing cancer. Because of you, no one has to face the toughest days of their life alone.

To learn more about Hamish’s journey with cancer, click here to watch the video