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HPV Vaccination Toolkit

HPV vaccination toolkit: you can help to protect our tamariki from 6 types of cancer

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You can help protect our tamariki from 6 types of cancer by raising awareness about the HPV vaccine.

This toolkit is designed for health promoters and others who work in the community. The toolkit supports your kōrero and information sharing with parents, caregivers and rangatahi. 

Included are:

  • key messages,
  • some simple FAQs 
  • links to resources you can share on social media.

Download the toolkit here

The HPV vaccine is safe, long-lasting and it’s FREE

HPV is a common virus that can cause 6 types of cancer

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cancers in the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, and mouth/throat.

HPV vaccination can provide long-term protection for tamariki from HPV- cancers.

When to vaccinate

The free vaccine is offered through most schools in Year 8. This is the best age to get it. If tamariki miss getting the HPV vaccine at school, they can still get it free at their medical centre.   

Teens and young adults who didn’t have the HPV vaccine in Year 8 also need to be vaccinated. Its free through their medical centre or family planning clinic up until their 27th birthday.

Protecting whānau against HPV-cancers by getting them vaccinated  

 The HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.


Many tamariki are missing out on receiving the vaccine that is offered at school or kura in Year 8. Whānau may not know about the link between HPV and cancers, or they may not have been offered the vaccine because of Covid-19 disruptions to the school vaccination programme.  A few schools do not offer HPV vaccination.


Raising awareness of the role of HPV vaccination in cancer prevention can increase vaccination rates and protect tamariki from cancers caused by the HPV virus.

Social Media resources

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