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Shade in public places

Using shade is one of the key ways over exposure to UV radiation can be prevented. Personal sun protection, such as clothing and sunscreen, can be expensive. Shade is a sustainable and equitable way to protect all of us from the sun. Shady trees can also add to our natural environment.

The Cancer Society would like to see:

  • Government provide designated funding for shade in schools
  • Local government provide quality shade options in public spaces, such as in playgrounds and parks, or at events.

Research has found that we do not have enough shade in public spaces, such as schools and playgrounds. It has also found that most people expect their local council to provide shade in public areas. For many councils, shade is not viewed as a priority and maintenance is considered costly.

Not all shade is created equal - some trees and shade sails do not offer sufficient protection from UV radiation.

To find out more about appropriate shade check out our SunSmart website or download our shade planning and design resource here