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PSA testing for Prostate Cancer (Under Review)

Preventing illness and death from prostate cancer is a national priority. Men should discuss their individual risk and testing options with their doctor. People with prostate symptoms or concerns should see their doctor as soon as possible.

In New Zealand, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. It is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men.

Most men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will not die of it, but it can have a major impact on a man’s life.

Making a decision to have a PSA test or not is different for everyone. People without prostate symptoms should talk to their doctor and use a decision tool such as before deciding whether to have a PSA test.

People with a family history of prostate cancer (a father or brother) are at higher risk for prostate cancer and should discuss the best options for them with a doctor.

We urge people with prostate symptoms to have these checked by their doctor so that they can get the right investigations and treatment if they need it.

See check your prostate for further information. 

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