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Support cancer care in Otago & Southland

Graham from the Cancer Society was there for Zains, providing timely and appropriate support.

When Zains was shockingly diagnosed with brain cancer, everything began to fall apart.

She was managing treatment, walking away from a relationship that had run its course, and caring for young children.

Scared, anxious, and uncertain, she was referred to Supportive Care Coordinator Graham, who told her:

‘You’re my whānau, we’re your whānau’.

She felt welcome and at home.

Every day 71 New Zealanders will hear the words 'I’m sorry, you have cancer'. The news is always unsettling, and parents of young children, like Zains, begin to think about the difficult conversations they need to have with their kids.

The Supportive Care team at the Cancer Society has a whole toolbox to help. Your previous support has enabled our team to develop 'how to' guides and video resources to help people with cancer initiate challenging conversations with their children and others.

Will you donate today to help people with cancer to navigate tricky discussions around their diagnosis?

Support cancer care in Otago & Southland