The National Board and National Advisory Committees are made up of representatives of each of the Cancer Society divisions.

National Board

The National Board of the Cancer Society has six regional representatives and a National President:

  • Julian Grennell (President)
  • Candace Kinser (Auckland/Northland Division)
  • Karen Bennett (Waikato - Bay of Plenty Division)
  • Garry Forgeson (Central Districts Division)
  • Sue Hope (Wellington Division)
  • Kate Reid (Canterbury - West Coast Division)
  • Chris Staynes (Otago - Southland Division)
  • Nick Dangerfield (NFARAC chair)
  • Dr Kate Gregory (Medical Director)

The Board usually meets five times a year and receives advice from the National Advisory Committees and National Office. The National Board is supported by a number of National Advisory Committees including:

  • National Executives Committee 
  • National Finance Audit and Risk Advisory Committee 
  • National Health Promotion Committee
  • National Volunteer Information and Support Services Advisory Committee
  • National Scientific Advisory Committee. 


National Advisory Committees

The National Board of the Cancer Society receives advice and expertise from a number of standing committees to guide its deliberations developing the strategic direction of the organisation.  The current Standing Committees are: 

National Executives Committee

The Chief Executives Committee (NEC) is comprised of the Chief Executives from the six Divisions and the National Office of the Cancer Society.  The role of NEC is maximise the potential of divisional co-operation, collaboration and resourcing, provide a pool of senior management, and advise on responsiveness of the Society to newly emerging and changing needs. 

National Health Promotion Committee 

The National Health Promotion Committee (NHPC) members have expertise in the areas of health promotion, social and behavioural research, cancer epidemiology, cancer screening and early detection, cancer treatment, primary health, public health, Maori health and nutrition.  One of the responsibilities of the NHPC is to identify priorities for Cancer Society health promotion.

The National Scientific Advisory Committee

The National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC) conducts an annual research grant application round, to assess cancer research applications and determine where to give Cancer Society research funding. NSAC advises the Board on research policy including: likely developments in cancer research, setting research priorities, research budgetary allocations and the promotion of careers in cancer research. 

The National Finance Audit and Risk Advisory Committee 

The National Finance Audit and Risk Advisory Committee (NFARAC) provides advice on annual budgets, future financial projections, effectiveness of the investment strategy, developing financial policies and assisting in setting financial priorities. 

Working Groups 

In addition to the ongoing standing committees, the Society may convene ad-hoc working groups where additional expertise is required in a specific area of work. Examples of this include the Vitamin D Expert Advisory Group and the Early Detection Advisory Group.

Last updated: June 7, 2024