Our Team

Meet the team providing cancer support services across the Wairarapa region.

Amanda Homewood
Maria Mudford
Danel Herd
Helen  Nicol
Amber  Arkell

Our Board Members

Keith Hunt
  • Keith Hunt Executive Board Chairman
Lesley Denholm
  • Lesley Denholm Deputy Board Chairperson
George Murdoch
  • George Murdoch Executive Board Treasurer
Linda Wong
  • Linda Wong Executive Board Secretary
Philippe Leloir
  • Philippe Leloir Board Member
Susan McWilliam
  • Susan McWilliam Board Member
Mr Rob  Irwin
  • Mr Rob Irwin Board Member
Dr Helen Clayson
  • Dr Helen Clayson Board Member
  • Deborah Davidson Board Member
  • John Dalziell Board Member
  • Bob Francis Ambassador
Last updated: August 5, 2022