The Auckland/Northland Division of the Cancer Society provides support for people with cancer and their whānau.

The Auckland/Northland Division has been helping people with cancer and their whānau since 1929.

1929: Established

1930: Consultation Clinic was established

1932: A follow up programme and register of all cancer cases seen at the Clinic

1933: The appointment of a Radiological Physicist was made

1935: A national publicity campaign was launched. Auckland organised the distribution of “The truth about cancer” booklet to professionals such as doctors and district nurses.

1939: Research was began in order to collate statistics from the clinic’s across the country to establish a correlation into the incidence of cancer

1944: Education campaign using women’s organisations to help make the public aware of the need for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer

1947: First public appeal campaign as run after the war, with the catch phrase of ‘Fight cancer with knowledge’. It aimed to raise funds to set up an Information Bureau and to introduce cancer education to the region

1950: Cancer research in Auckland began when Dr J.F Burton was granted a Cancer Research Scholarship in Pathology

1955: Patients from out of town requiring treatment had beds secured in private hospitals or convalescent homes with the division paying the costs

1962: Patients were accommodated at the Salvation Army Hotel, where the welfare of the patients was foremost in the Hotel Staff’s minds

1968: The division obtained its own headquarters and these premises housed office staff but also a cancer detection clinic

1978: Domain Lodge motel complex was purchased

1979: Celebration of the 50th Jubilee

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Our Strongest Supporters

With grateful thanks to our lifetime members who have provided so much to Cancer Society over the years.

  • Kerry Bachler
  • Anthony Bacon
  • Bruce Baguley
  • Moya Barr
  • Stuart Bauld
  • Michaela Baxter
  • Joan Baynham
  • Elaine Black
  • Lesley Brennan
  • Nigel Brown
  • Jessica Buddendijk Van Horrik
  • Bill Burgess
  • Leone Burgess
  • Geoffrey Clathworthy MNZM *
  • Maureen Clooney
  • The Honourable Justice Cooper
  • Nola Cooze
  • Jan Dalley
  • Carrick Davidson
  • Marjorie Davidson*
  • William Denny KNZM
  • Akshay (Shay) Desai
  • Jim Dufficy
  • Arvind Dullabh
  • Judy Dysart
  • Karene Gore
  • Lorraine Hampton
  • Patrina Hardie
  • Peter Harwood
  • George Hitchcock OBE, DFC *
  • Enyth Holdgate *
  • Linda Holloway
  • Michael Horton CNZM
  • Edna Johnson
  • Rev. Douglas Kidd *
  • Jonathan Koea
  • Knox Laird
  • Wendel Levens
  • Murray MacCormick
  • Guy Marks
  • Diana Marsh
  • Tom Marshall OBE
  • John Mayo
  • Lavinia McMillan
  • Russell McIlroy
  • Elizabeth Morgan QSM JP
  • Sabine Muller
  • Patricia Noonan
  • Merv Norman *
  • Ravinder Parmar
  • John Partridge
  • Jatin Patel
  • Henry Perkins*
  • J C Probert
  • Graham Scahill
  • Gayleen Scahill
  • Olive Shanks
  • John Shanks
  • Michael Sharp
  • Peter Shepherd
  • Glenys Shepherd
  • Dale Siebert
  • Anne Sinclair
  • Brian Stevenson
  • Joan Swift QSM JP
  • Jennifer Thomson
  • Heather Wheeler
  • Patricia Williams
  • Neen Williams
  • Bill Wilson

* Deceased

Last updated: November 8, 2023